Posted on: March 3, 2012

It was brought to my attention recently, in so inauspicious a circumstance as my yearly review, that this tiny corner of the internet, to which from time to time I do tend, has in some way or another been brought to the attention of certain of my coworkers, as well as any number of my superiors (at work; clearly, outside of work, no one is better than me.)

Who specifically has been viewing who is not among those specifically invited to view is information I thought it best not pursue, in no small part because the individual who broke the news to me is one with whom I would like to avoid an awkward “Oh, so you read that?” conversation at all costs.

How, exactly, this discovery was made is a bit of a mystery as well, as well as being mostly irrelevant; wondering how and how many coworkers read entries from the category devoted to complaining about coworkers is akin to wondering what is the best time to lock your barn door long after your livestock has been poached. I do, however, have a brand-new theory about those weeks when I couldn’t seem to get my supervisor to talk to me, and it is one that I will consider to be true even though I will never make any effort to confirm its validity.

The issue, now, is how best to proceed. It was suggested during the review that to dwell on negative aspects of a job or on people I don’t like is not necessarily healthy, either for my career or overall health. Which is probably true. Yet I, like Popeye, am what I am, and what I am is a person given to a certain amount of negativity. I complain about things that bother me (which you may have noticed); sometimes, in the process of complaining, I’ll happen upon a solution to the issue, but sometimes the complaining is its own reward : I get a considerable amount of satisfaction out of my ability to elaborate what is bothering me and why, and no small amount of that satisfaction derives from the fact that I am, if I do say so myself, very, very good at it.

On the other hand, despite liking not liking things, I very genuinely have no wish to hurt anyone’s feelings. That may be a strange claim to stake, but it is true; there is, after all, a reason that I chose to share these things anonymously on the internet, primarily with people with whom I don’t work, rather than saying them directly to anyone’s face or making an effort to bruit them about the workplace. Actually, there are a couple of reasons : another is that I like where I work, not because of the things I don’t like about it, and I would like to continue working there for at least a little while longer.

I would seem, then, that a compromise is in order, as I have no interest in ceasing my talk about work, but I do have an interest in keeping that talk out of earshot of my workplace. And so, after much deep thought involving a number of unverified suppositions, I have decided that certain of my blog posts will become viewable to subscribers only. At the moment, I don’t know how quite how to do that, which means that blogs of a certain topic will be curtailed for the time being. It also means that those of you who have not yet subscribed have a little bit of time to do so – although, the person who keeps clicking over from that old link on Myspace? You should subscribe today; it’s 2012 for god’s sake – show a little dignity.


2 Responses to "Interregnum"

Psst. You’re on a certain Iowan’s blogroll. That’d do it.

I figured he was somehow to blame; although, to be fair, I thought it was because he used his work WP account to comment over here.

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